Hearing Loss

Louisiana workers have served for many years as contractors and direct employees at refining and petrochemical facilities.  Over the course of many years of working at these facilities, workers encounter frequent and sometimes constant exposure to dangerously high noise levels, and they are not always given adequate protection to prevent damage to their hearing.  The damage may occur slowly over many years, and the injured worker may not even realize he or she has suffered hearing damage due to the gradual nature of the injury.  Typically, it is the worker’s family and friends who first notice the hearing loss.  Common symptoms of occupational hearing loss include difficulty hearing voices on a television or telephone, trouble hearing quieter voices such as those of women and children, and difficulty carrying on a conversation in an environment with a high level of background noise, such as restaurants, church, or family gatherings.  Hearing difficulty may even lead the injured worker to avoid social functions and activities that were once very enjoyable.

hearing loss

If you have been employed in refining, petrochemical, or manufacturing plants for many years and believe you have suffered hearing impairment as a result of unprotected exposure to high noise levels, please give Baggett McCall a call to discuss making a claim on your behalf.

Baggett McCall has successfully pursued hearing loss cases, either by taking them to trial or reaching acceptable settlements, for many years. We are very familiar with unique aspects of Louisiana law pertaining to hearing loss damage recovery and our attorneys are familiar with these specific types of cases.


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