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Five Types of Products That Contain Asbestos

Many people think that asbestos is banned, however, many products that contain asbestos are still imported into the United States. In 1989, there was a ban on asbestos implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency. Although the court can ban new uses of the material, there are still products that contain asbestos historically. As the pioneer Law Firm for Asbestos cases, Baggett McCall knows all too well the prominence of asbestos in our everyday lives. Here are four products that may still contain asbestos.


Vehicle Parts

Mechanics are very susceptible to being diagnosed with mesothelioma because of the amount of asbestos still present in brake pads, clutches, and certain types of gaskets. This is not just limited to automobiles. Planes, helicopters, and ships also carry asbestos.


Fireproof Clothing

Asbestos is a fibrous material, making it relatively easy to weave into clothing to offer protection from fire and heat. Some examples of common fireproof clothing are fireproof mitts for firefighters and glass blowers.



There are more types of insulation than ever available today, but older insulation can contain high levels of asbestos. Modern insulation may be somewhat less likely to lead to mesothelioma but still contains small amounts of asbestos.


Construction Materials

Every state is different in its requirements around building, renovating or even demolishing a home when it comes to asbestos regulations. Certain construction materials like roofing tiles, cement, and more can contain unsafe levels of asbestos.


Asbestos can lead to several life-threatening diseases with Mesothelioma at the top of the list. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma due to being exposed to asbestos, trust none other but Baggett McCall. We have paved the way for mesothelioma cases for many years, and we will fight for maximum compensation.


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