Catastrophic Personal Injury

A catastrophic personal injury is a life-changing event for the person who has suffered the injury as well as the victim’s family and friends. A person who has suffered a catastrophic personal injury may be unable to return to work in the same position and may be unable to return to work at all. The accident victim may have long-term pain management issues and may face years of physical rehabilitation, medical treatment and procedures, and loss of income.


While you focus on recovery and rehabilitation, you need an experienced personal injury attorney to thoroughly review the facts and evidence relating to your accident to determine who was legally at fault and if you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.


At Baggett McCall, LLC, our experienced personal injury attorneys provide legal representation for victims in personal injury cases who have suffered:


Determining Legal Responsibility for Your Accident

Most accidents resulting in catastrophic personal injury arise from the careless acts of a person or company.  For example, if the injury was the result of a car accident, was the other driver texting while driving or intoxicated? These are questions your attorney will investigate and find answers to.  Here are a few simple inquiries your attorney will focus on:

  • Was the injured person at fault for being in a hazardous location when they shouldn’t have been?
  • Was the injured person acting carelessly? Carelessness on the part of the injured party can drastically reduce that party’s right to compensation.
  • Did the negligence occur in a workplace environment? An employer can be legally responsible for the accident.
  • Was the property on which the accident occurred unsecured or poorly maintained? Failure to maintain property can result in the property owner being liable for accidents.
  • Was the accident a result of a defective product? The manufacturer and seller can both be liable in such a case.


Here at Baggett McCall, we understand these issues because we have successfully represented clients with a wide range of serious injuries that have occurred in a variety of circumstances. We can not only help you to establish the liability of those responsible for your injury but also to recover damages that are adequate to address your medical and financial issues both now and in the future.


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