Chemical Exposure

Toxic chemical exposure has been linked to a variety of cancers and blood diseases. At Baggett McCall, LLC our firm has concentrated on handling claims involving cancer and blood disorders for people with a history of toxic chemical exposure to benzene or vinyl chloride. Our success in this area has been noted in a special PBS report, a Bill Moyers special, and on the HBO special “Blue Vinyl.”

Founding partner Bill Baggett is a pioneering toxic tort litigation attorney in Louisiana. He helped establish the laws that govern toxic tort exposure claims in Louisiana and has litigated and settled thousands of toxic tort claims for victims and families. These claims included asbestos-related disease, mesothelioma, benzene, vinyl chloride, and other cancer-causing chemicals. With extensive experience and a commitment to results, our firm can provide you and your family with the advocacy you need and personal service you can trust for optimal results.

We have experience handling complex toxic tort litigation and our attorneys have been recognized for their groundbreaking work in this area of law. Contact us for an immediate consultation.

Industrial Accidents and toxic tort litigation

chemical exposureCorporations and large entities are often named as defendants in mass tort claims involving employees and residents who were exposed to oil spills and other hazards that resulted in serious diseases, including cancer. Industrial accidents and complex toxic tort litigation demand experienced toxic tort lawyers. Our attorneys have been recognized for their work in leading toxic tort cases throughout Louisiana, including:

  • Thousands of workers exposed to asbestos
  • Thousands of individuals exposed to various spills
  • Numerous residential exposures due to spills, explosions, and releases
  • Hundreds of victims of benzene and vinyl chloride exposure resulting in the development of life-threatening cancers

National Exposure

We have a national reputation in vinyl chloride cases and can knowledgeably represent your interests. One of our partners, Billy Baggett, features prominently in an award-winning HBO documentary about the toxic nature of vinyl chloride. Vinyl chloride is often used in the building, construction, automobile, furniture, glass, and plastic industries. Plumbing pipe, pipe fittings, and wire coatings are specific examples of products made from vinyl chloride. Until mid-1974, vinyl chloride was also used in many cosmetic products as an aerosol propellant.

The firm was also recognized in a number of other areas including a Bill Moyers special and a Houston Chronicle exposé on the life and death of a cancer victim, who was a chemical exposure client.

There are many adverse health effects that can occur in persons who have been exposed to vinyl chloride, including angiosarcoma, liver cancer, liver disease, brain cancer, Reynaud’s syndrome, and acro-osteolysis. Please consult with one of our attorneys if you or someone you love has been exposed.

Toxic torts and oil spills

In addition to our work in vinyl exposure, we have also represented thousands of clients exposed to toxic spills throughout the region. For more information, if you have been exposed to a toxic spill or other hazards, please contact us for an immediate consultation.

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