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Baggett McCall Donates School Supplies to Flood Victims

In light of the tragic flooding Southern Louisiana has faced, we decided at Baggett McCall to take it upon ourselves to give back to the afflicted communities. About 6.9 trillion gallons of rain pummeled the state between August 8 and 14. In some areas, the floodwaters were so deep and brisk that it broke records at six U.S. Geological Survey stream gauges. It only seemed right that we do our part to aid disaster relief efforts, so we turned to donations.

When we asked what was most needed in the flood affected areas, we were told, somewhat to our surprise, that a major need was all kinds of school supplies. Typically the go-to items are bottled water, nonperishable foods, clothes and battery operated items like flashlights. Many of the flood victims, along with their schools, need to replace school supplies that were lost in the flood. The school year was just beginning when the flood occurred, so many parents and schools had just purchased supplies for the entire year. In many cases, these families and schools lost most or all of what had been purchased. Baggett McCall donated a significant amount of school supplies to help give schools what they need to help their students be the best they can be.

How to Help | Baggett McCall

There are many ways you can help the flood victims. Follow this link for a list of donation options and locations. Both online and physical donation sites are available for monetary donations and physical supplies, respectively. At Baggett McCall, we encourage you to donate school supplies of all kinds to benefit the children who must overcome this adversity. All donations help, and we encourage everyone to give what they can.

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