Avoiding Spring Break Trouble

Many of us have fond memories of our Spring Break adventures, either on family vacations or as young adults on road trips with friends.  Unfortunately, those Spring Break adventures can leave you and your older children with a legal hangover that may last long after the sun tans have faded and the witty t-shirts have been packed away.  The most common legal problems encountered by young adults on Spring Break are under-age possession of alcohol, possession of a controlled substance, public intoxication, and traffic tickets.  Unfortunately, in this information age, what were once regarded as youthful indiscretions soon left in the past and forgotten can now haunt an individual for years. This becomes a greater problem as they move into the workforce and become a responsible adult.  Also, traffic tickets can create a serious financial impact by driving up your insurance rates.

Most Spring Break legal problems can be avoided by:

  • Doing some quick online research of the laws of the states you will be visiting or passing through.
  • Making sure your license, registration, and proof of insurance are up to date.
  • Observing the speed limits and avoiding involvement in activities that you know to be illegal.

If you are pulled over, get into a wreck, are detained, or placed under arrest for another reason, it is important that you don’t panic. Please be polite and cooperative, provide basic information relating to your identity, and where you are staying. Avoid conversation beyond that basic information and ask to consult an attorney immediately.  It might be wise to write down the name and phone number of a reputable attorney in the area you will be visiting ahead of time.  A brief discussion of these matters with your older children before they set out on their Spring Break travels can help them avoid bad decisions later.  Baggett McCall wishes all of you the best during your Spring Break vacations and travels!

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