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Dealing with a worker’s compensation claim can be very difficult. A worker’s compensation claim occurs when you are the victim of a workplace injury or illness that occurred as a result of your activities in the course of your employment.  Common problems arising from a workplace injury include loss of income and medical expenses. Workers’ compensation insurance is carried by employers to protect workers from their loss of income and medical expenses until they are able to return to work, or, if they are permanently disabled, either entirely or partially, to compensate them for their loss of income for the rest of their lives.  To protect your rights in this situation you need to find an experienced worker’s compensation attorney who can help get the compensation you deserve for your injury. At Baggett McCall, our experienced worker’s compensation attorneys have been handling claims since 1958. Contact our Lake Charles, LA office at (337)-478-8888 for a free consultation.

Finding the Right Attorney

When looking for an experienced attorney, here are some helpful tips to help you find an experienced and skillful workers’ compensation lawyer to represent you:

  1. Ask for recommendations from your family, friends, and fellow workers. Good workers’ compensation lawyers often do not advertise in the media, relying instead on word of mouth – the most powerful advertising channel. You can also seek referrals from the state and local bar associations.
  2. Use the internet in your search for an experienced worker’s comp attorney. Today, almost every law firm has an online presence.  It’s a great place to start is seeking information on the firm’s successes in previous workers’ compensation cases.
  3. Treat the consultation as the interview.  Many law firms offer you a free consultation on your claim. At the consultation an attorney will ask you various questions related to your claim, and you should also ask questions of the attorney to determine whether it is going to be a good fit. Remember, this is a job interview. You are hiring an attorney to perform a service. Here are some example questions to prepare:
    1. How many years have you been practicing workers’ compensation claims?
    2. How much of our practice is devoted to workers’ compensation, and what other types of cases do you do?
    3. Can you provide any references – either former clients or colleagues in the community?
    4. Can you explain how a worker’s compensation claim process works?

Remember, the initial consultation is your best opportunity to get to know the attorney you may be hiring to represent your claim.

Here at Baggett McCall Injury Attorneys we have represented personal injury clients throughout the Gulf Coast region since 1958. We offer comprehensive legal knowledge and representation in the areas of death or personal injury, worker’s compensation, insurance claims, occupational disease, injury arising from chemical exposure, toxic torts, defective products, asbestosis and mesothelioma, wrongful death, maritime and offshore injuries, motorcycle wrecks, automobile wrecks, 18-wheeler accidents, and cancer cases.

Contact Baggett McCall, LLC in Lake Charles, Louisiana, for a free consultation or call 337-478-8888 or 800-256-1137 now to speak directly with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. Choose your lawyer carefully.

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