Jones Act Cases

Seamen seeking compensation under the Jones Act must prove negligence on the part of the seaman’s employer and its agents, including officers and other seamen, or that the vessel on or in connection with which the injury occurred was unseaworthy (a very broad term meaning that the vessel was significantly deficient in some respect that endangered the seamen employed on it).  This is unlike USL&H and state worker’s compensation laws, which provide for compensation without requiring that negligence or other fault be proved.  The Jones Act damage recovery may be reduced if the seaman is shown to have been partly to blame for the accident, also unlike USL&H and state workers’ compensation.


Compensation of injured seamen under the Jones Act

maritime and offshore injuryEven without showing either negligence or unseaworthiness, the seaman is entitled to compensation during the period of recovery, in the form of:

  1. Maintenance-payment of the seaman’s living expenses during the period of recovery; and
  2. Cure-payment of the medical and related cost of recovery from the injury.

The right to maintenance and cure most closely resembles state worker’s compensation rights.


To the extent the seaman can show either negligence or the vessel’s unseaworthiness, the seaman can recover damages under the Jones Act for loss of earning capacity due to permanent, partial, or full disability, future medical expenses, pain and suffering, and even punitive damages under some circumstances.  Again, that recovery may be reduced to the extent the seaman’s own negligence was to blame for the accident.


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