Railroad Accident

Railroad employees face the risk of catastrophic injury or even death stemming from a railroad accident every minute of every day. At Baggett McCall, LLC, we offer strategic advocacy to protect the rights and interests of railroad workers and their families after a devastating accident or wrongful death.

Railroad workers and their families are constantly at risk of having to deal with serious injuries from a work-related accident. If you or someone you love has suffered a railroad-related injury, assert your right to full and fair compensation. Contact us to speak with an experienced FELA and railroad accident lawyer.

Train Accidents


Railroad accident litigation involves complex laws and requires specific knowledge of FELA laws. If you are an injured railroad employee, there are several important steps you should take:

  • File a report with your supervisor to document the railroad injury. Do not sign or give statements to claims agents without consulting a railroad injury attorney. A statement by you may later be used to absolve the company and keep you from being compensated.
  • Contact an attorney who knows how to represent railroad employees. The attorneys at our office are well-versed in FELA law, and we can help you present the strongest case possible for compensation.


Our firm has handled significant railroad accident cases involving:


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