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Multi-Million Dollar Mesothelioma Settlement | Baggett McCall

Baggett McCall Obtains A Speedy Multi-Million Dollar Settlement for Lake Charles Mesothelioma Victim

Jeff Gaughan of Baggett McCall obtained a multi-million dollar mesothelioma settlement for a long-time worker at Lake Charles area refining and chemical plants who had contracted malignant mesothelioma resulting from asbestos exposure on the job. Mesothelioma is a rare and incurable form of lung cancer. The only known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos. Asbestos fibers are released into the air when the material is agitated, allowing for it to be inhaled into the lungs, in this case, by our client. Once the asbestos fibers have been inhaled, they become lodged within the inner lining of the lungs, where they develop into mesothelioma.

Many workers in the Lake Charles area were exposed to asbestos as part of their work in plants, refineries, and shipyards. Gaughan was able to prove that his client was exposed to asbestos for extended periods of time throughout the longevity of his employment, which led to the development of mesothelioma.

The case was filed, set for trial, and settled in less than 8 months. Although the court system can sometimes be slow, Baggett McCall is serious about getting its clients the compensation they deserve as quickly as possible! While the circumstances surrounding this case are devastating, we are proud to have resolved it for the benefit of our client and his family without delay.

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