From Healthy to Handicapped

In an instant an average person can go from healthy to handicapped. With simple things suddenly hard to accomplish after a traumatic accident, a person needs to rely on family members or other caregivers to work towards recovery and adapt to permanent conditions. Each person goes through their own healing process, but every family member can understand the struggles and concerns that come from being a caretaker.

Depending on the severity of the handicap, a patient may need assistance with activities ranging from physical therapy to preparing meals. It’s best to provide as much structure as possible to the handicapped person with respectful support along the way. Both the patient and the caregiver can construct a new manner of performing daily activities. Earlier in recovery, the patient may experience apprehension or anger as he or she slowly copes with the past trauma, but gradual treatment and open discussion can help the injured person adapt to the process. The attention given by a loving family can often be just as helpful towards recovery as the prescribed treatment and rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, some adaptions to injuries can be more expensive than others. For injuries and handicaps requiring a wheelchair, some families need to alter living arrangements and transportation. Additional medicine and therapy sessions can also be costly, and having a family member who is suddenly out of the workplace can also make matters more difficult. Luckily, most insurance programs provide financial support for accidents, and many lawyers offer services in the case of a personal injury claim. Though recovery can be a difficult transition, the financial costs it entails don’t have to be.

Although taking care of a handicapped family member may cause some anxiety, the important thing to remember is that recovery is the main goal. It doesn’t matter how long the process takes if progress is being made. Even if full recovery isn’t possible, the process of adapting to a new lifestyle can offer a sense of accomplishment and eventually independence. Through good and bad times, a helpful family member can be the best treatment prescription of all.

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