Decision in Favor of Baggett McCall Clients in Calcasieu Parish District Court

On May 30, 2014 the 14th Judicial District Court in Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana found in favor of 45 Baggett McCall clients in their suit against Georgia Gulf Lake Charles, LLC.  Baggett McCall represented them in their suit against Georgia Gulf for damages caused by the explosion, fire, and chemical release that occurred at Georgia Gulf’s Westlake, Louisiana plant in September, 2006.  The court had previously found that Georgia Gulf was responsible for the chemical release and the question for the court to decide was whether the release damaged Baggett McCall’s clients.  The court found that all of Baggett McCall’s clients had suffered injuries as a result of the chemical release, and it awarded damages in varying amounts to all 45 of them.  The court also ordered Georgia Gulf to pay all of their court costs.  The full text of the decision can be found in the Blog portion of our website


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