Damages Against Citgo Upheld for Baggett McCall Clients

Appellate Court Upholds Award to Baggett McCall Clients in Citgo Petroleum Cases


October 7, 2015: The Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeals upheld damage awards to Baggett McCall clients in a suit against Citgo Petroleum Corporation that arose from the 2006 spill of 17 million gallons of contaminated waste water and 4.2 million gallons of slop oil at Citgo’s Calcasieu Parish Refinery located on the Calcasieu River.

Citgo admitted liability for the spill but contested exposure, cause of injury, and the amount of damages awarded to Baggett McCall’s clients.  Citgo appealed the trial court’s award of damages on the grounds that they were excessive, both in absolute terms and in comparison to the damages awarded to plaintiffs in an earlier case that arose from the same spill.

The Third Circuit ruled that the trial court was within its discretion in awarding the damages to Baggett McCall’s clients, stating in its ruling that the awards were well supported by the evidence presented for each of the plaintiffs.  Baggett McCall takes pride in working hard to get fair compensation for its injured clients regardless of the size and resources of the company opposing them!

The Appellate Court’s ruling is linked below.

Appellate Court Ruling – Citgo Settlement

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