Baggett McCall Obtains Favorable Ruling in Citgo Petroleum Cases

On June 20, 2014, the 14th District Court sitting in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana found that the plaintiffs in the consolidated cases of Arabie et al vs. Citgo Petroleum and Biddy et al vs. Citgo Petroleum, represented by Wells Watson and Jake Buford of Baggett McCall, had been damaged by a slop-oil spill at Citgo’s Lake Charles Refinery that occurred in June 2006.  The court found that the spilled slop oil surrounded plaintiffs’ work environment for two months and that plaintiffs were exposed to it on a daily basis.  The court found that the spill and subsequent exposure injured the plaintiffs and awarded damages totaling almost $500 thousand to the group, with individual awards depending upon the nature and extent of each particular plaintiff’s injuries.  The full text of the ruling is posted on the Blog portion of Baggett McCall’s website at

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