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Court Rules for Baggett McCall | Wrongful Death | Chemical Exposure

Court Rules for Baggett McCall in Wrongful Death Suit Based on Chemical Exposure.

On July 26th the 14th Judicial District Court in and for Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana ruled in favor of Baggett McCall partner William Baggett, Jr. on an important evidentiary motion, ruling that defendant insurance companies Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company and Liberty Mutual Group, Inc. would be deemed to admit 48 facts that were very important to support his client’s wrongful death suit.

The insurance companies had been sued by Baggett McCall on behalf of the widow and children of Robert Poullard, whose death resulted from chemical exposure at Lake Charles area aluminum plants. In the motion upon which the ruling was based, Mr. Baggett stated that the insurance companies had unjustifiably and repeatedly refused to answer valid questions asked in the course of the pretrial discovery.

The court ruled that because the insurance companies had been uncooperative and unresponsive they would be deemed to admit all 48 of the facts contained in requests for admission put to them. Exposure to dangerous chemicals is no small matter, especially in cases such as this where the result of chemical exposure leads to fatal injuries.

Baggett McCall | Wrongful Death | Chemical Exposure

Baggett McCall does not hesitate to hold their opponents accountable for failure to respond to legitimate requests by clients seeking compensation for wrongful injury, no matter how big and well-funded the opponents may be. Our lawyers have extensive experience with fighting wrongful death and chemical exposure cases. If you or a loved one have suffered wrongful injury or death, contact Baggett McCall or call our law office at 800-NEW-CLAIM. Trust your case to Baggett McCall, The Serious Injury Lawyers!

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