Lumbar, Thoracic & Cervical Spinal Injuries

Injury to the cervical (upper) spine may cause impairment to the function of arms, trunk, legs, and pelvic organs. Injury to the thoracic (middle) region of the spine can cause impairment to function in the trunk. Injury to the lumbar (lower) region of the spine can cause impairment to function in the legs and pelvic organs.


Spinal injuries can be the result of a fall, involvement in a vehicle, industrial, or work accident, an athletic injury (a large portion of these being the result of diving accidents), or any number of other causes. Whatever the cause, a person experiencing such an injury can face years of therapy and medical procedures, a drastically altered lifestyle, and loss of income and function. If you have suffered a spinal injury as the result of the negligence of another party, Baggett McCall has years of experience in recovering just and adequate compensation for such injuries.


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