Memorial Day Weekend: One of The Deadliest Weekends for Auto Accidents

Memorial Day weekend signals the beginning of summer for many people. Families all over the country often take advantage of the three-day holiday by hitting the open road. Some head to the beach, some travel to see family and friends. This means more cars on the road and, unfortunately, with more cars on the road comes an increased risk of auto accidents.   

According to a study conducted by, Memorial Day weekend is the third deadliest holiday weekend, averaging about 309 deaths per year. Fourth of July and Thanksgiving are the only two holidays that average more.

A number of factors influence the amount of the auto accidents that occur during Memorial Day weekend. The National Coalition for Safer Roads complied data showing Memorial Day weekend tops the list of weekends with the most red-lights run. This is most likely due to a combination of drivers being excited about the long weekend and being frustrated with traffic congestion. Thus, drivers tend to be more aggressive. Alcohol can also play a huge role in auto accidents occurring during the holiday weekend. Roughly 34% of all road fatalities over Memorial Day weekend involve a drunk driver. This is slightly higher than the national average of 28%, according to latest CDC data. With an increasing number of people (impaired or not) hitting the road, road safety should always be a top priority.

Tips to keep you and your family accident free this Memorial Day weekend:

Take your time – Don’t rush to your destination. Heavier congestion and higher speeds increase the likelihood of an auto accident.

Don’t drink and drive – If you plan on going out on the town one night, be sure to designate a sober driver, call a cab or utilize a rideshare app. 

Practice defensive driving – Just because you’re driving safely doesn’t mean that others are.

Take breaks – If you plan on taking an extra long trip, be mindful of your alertness. Starting to feel drowsy? Pull over, walk around, take a breather.

If, in the unfortunate event you are in an auto accident during Memorial Day weekend, contact the expert auto accident attorneys in Lake Charles, Baggett McCall. We’ll fight for you and your family to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. Remember, choose your lawyer carefully.   

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