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If you feel that you have been a victim of medical malpractice, there are certain requirements for filing a claim. Before we get started, let’s discuss what medical malpractice is. Medical Malpractice is treatment of a patient by a medical professional that does not meet accepted medical standards and that results in harm to the patient. If you feel you have been a victim of medical malpractice, contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney at Baggett-McCall for a free consultation at (800)-256-1137 or (337)478-8888.

In order to prove that medical malpractice has occurred, you must show that all of the following:

A doctor-patient relationship existed

You must have had a doctor-patient relationship. That relationship exists when you have hired that medical professional to treat you. This is usually shown by documentation you receive from your doctor during your consultation visits.

The doctor was negligent

You must be able to prove that the doctor performed a medical procedure or made a diagnosis without applying reasonable skill.  This is normally shown by the testimony of a competent doctor.

The doctor’s negligence caused injury

The negligence must cause physical or mental harm or aggravate an existing condition.  This can sometimes be difficult because the patient was often already suffering from an ailment or condition, which was the reason medical treatment was sought.  The negligence must be shown to be the direct or indirect cause of the harm.

Specific damages resulted from the injury

A patient can only file a claim for medical malpractice if the negligence resulted in a physical pain, mental discomfort, added medical bills, or inability to work.

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