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Chemical Exposure Awareness: Carcinogens

Many people have at least heard the term carcinogen; most likely numerous times. Millions of people are exposed daily to different types of carcinogens, knowingly or unknowingly. People who work in industrial areas are at an increased risk for exposure, depending on the types of chemicals and/or materials used in their daily work. As much as this term is used, do we really know what a carcinogen is?

The Definition of a Carcinogen:

According to multiple sources, a carcinogen is defined as a substance that can directly or indirectly cause cancer. Things like chemical substances, viruses, or environmental factors can all be considered carcinogens. However, cancer does not always form from a single carcinogen. Cancer often develops from a combination of carcinogens as well as genetic predisposition inherited as a part of our DNA.

It is important to remember that carcinogens do not cause cancer in everyone. A number of factors come into play when it comes to having an increased or decreased risk of cancer.

Carcinogens can work in a few different ways. Carcinogens can directly attack the DNA in cells causing mutations, which can lead to a disruption in cell growth and division. Carcinogens can also damage and inflame cells causing rapid cell growth. When cells divide, there is always a chance for mutation, thus increasing the risk for cancer.

Types of Carcinogens:

Chemicals/Substances: These are the biggest concerns for people working in the industrial sector. Substances include asbestos, benzene, arsenic, vinyl chloride, and beryllium.

Environmental Radiation: This includes things like ultraviolet radiation from the sun and radon emitted from uranium in the ground.

Medical Radiation: The radiation used to treat certain cancers can also increase your risk for other types of cancers.

Viruses: Certain viruses, like the human papillomaviruses and hepatis C, can cause different types of cancers.

Lifestyle Factors: Certain things, like smoking, obesity, or excessive drinking, are considered to be carcinogenic.

Pollution: Both types of pollution, indoor and outdoor, may contain carcinogens.

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